Mason WINS!!!!!


If I were to tell you that I picked Mason to go to the sweet 16 I would be a horrible liar. Only a crazy nutjob would pick George Mason to beat UNC in the second round. I mean I picked Mason to beat Michigan State just on the hope that they would win. Now they go on to beat THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA!!! I know big schools have bad years sometimes and don’t have the best players possible, but this school graduated Michael Jordan, Rasheed Wallace, Jerry Stackhouse, Vince Carter, and that’s just all I could think of in 2 minutes. But needless to say that they’re always good. Our greatest player George Evans is more famous for being really old while playing for us (he was 29). Now he plays in Europe somewhere.

But this is our year.

This is the best year in Mason Basketball history, maybe school history. I used to get excited when Mason would be on sportscenter (usually loosing to a powerhouse school). So You can’t imagine how happy I am to see us on there WINNING AGIANST UNC and MICHIGAN STATE!

Now we have a chance to beat Witchita State (again) and go to the elite eight. that would mean we were one of the 8 best teams in the country this year. This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait till Friday!!!!


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