I don’t have any answers, But I’ve discovered the problem.


It looks like the controversy over the stupid mohammed cartoons is starting to die down. That or the media is has moved on to the next flavor of the week. Look! over here, there’s a white girl missing! Here’s what I think the worlds problem is… People are different colors, have different beliefs, and live in different places. SHOCKER.

Before you pass this off as the idiotic ranting of a mid 20’s college student. hear me out.

With the growing of the internet it’s like people just woke up one day and found out that other people existed. Think of this… Some guy in Kentucky looks online and says “Damn look at these black people, they aint like me, I hate em.” then someone in Iran goes online and see’s a cartoon of mohammed from a danish newspaper and says “Holy shit, they’re making fun of our prophet!, I hate em.” The real problem is part cultural mistunderstanding and part human nature.

Europe does a lot of things that we would consider weird here. They have nudity on TV, they smoke fags, they drink warm beer, they drive tiny cars, etc. We fined NBC $500,000 for one titty while advertising ice cold beer and trucks. And if we’re gonna see somebody smoking fags he’d better be wearing a cowboy hat. But those things are perfectly normal over there.

In a broader sense it comes down to this. As you move up the scale of scope, from personal to local to state to country to global. You can get away with less shit because you have to appease a broader audience. My friends and I are constantly making fun of our asian friends for having slanty eyes and eating strange foods made from twigs and rice. And that’s all prefectly normal between us, we know what they can take and how far to take it. But You don’t tell those same jokes if you’re running for congress or any other political office. When you get into international relations you’d better just quit telling jokes all together because they aren’t going to get it. Because that’s the point. The different cultures of the world have become so localized and DIFFERENT that we only have the basic things in common.

My new global policy is that if you are a country and don’t want our help AND aren’t actively trying to blow us up. I say to hell with you. If you don’t get our jokes and can’t take the heat then STFU cause I don’t care what you think. If the FCC can’t fine the BBC per titty then Iran can’t complain about a cartoon in a Danish newspaper.

Unless the Danish muslims don’t like it either… does not compute… my head asplode.


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