Right Down by the Beach… Boyeeeeeee


So I’m back from “spring break”. I think I’ve officially been on spring break more now that I’m out of school than when I was in. Here’s how it went

So we were headed down to Emerald Isle, NC for most of the week. We stopped by Richmond to do a mixers for Green Tea Hostage swap with Wade and then got back on 95 for the rest of the 5 (or so) hour magical journey. We were loaded down heavy with beer, spirits, and snack foods. We got there just before sunset on Tuesday. It was really really great looking. I think that’s when I took the pictures that you see above. Emerald Isle doesn’t have that many people yet. Plus it was the off-season so we really felt alone down there. Which was exactly what I was looking for, well for a few days anyway. I think we did just enough stuff to not get bored. Putt-Putt, driving range, batting cage, movie watching, video game playing, beach sitting.

It was a beach trip, but not really for the water so much. I think the water temp was about 45 degrees. That’s right. Forty FIVE. Which was warm enough to keep you from running out of it very fast because your muscles were going into shock. I ran in twice, the first time I ran right out and into the shower. The second I toughed it out for about 5 minutes… then ran to the shower. It got warmer and warmer every day we were there. Which is really disappointing, by the time we left on Sunday it was about 85 in the shade. But I was missing home anyway so I didn’t fret too much.

I took the hexagons pic at the local grocery store. It reminds me of some kind of Futurama joke, also of my love for generic cereals. We ate so much food over the week. I think we went to DQ at least 4 times and B&J’s once. Also we made spicy hamburgers on the grill and discovered that the “Monster Thickburger” from Hardees has 1400 calories and 107 grams of FAT. It was a week of excess, too much food, too much beer, and we are all fatter because of it.

I’m really relaxed and recharged now. By not doing anything for a whole week I think I’ve become more motivated to do something productive around the house. I guess that’s just how I roll.


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