Why I don’t listen to…


I hate to judge music, whenever I do I look like an asshat. But I just don’t listen to certain types of music… very much. I’ll let a country song pass through my brain every once in a while. When “The Postal Service” comes up on the playlist I don’t always skip it. I really like their song “Such Great Heights” but only when I’m in a certain mood, A depressed mood. But unfortunatley I’m not depressed very much.

I have a hard time listening to something that when you sing along with it you feel like you’re putting in more effort than the preformers. I’m a laid back kind of guy, I don’t mind relaxing but this kind of music makes me feel like I’m in a coma… on Lunestra.. and drunk. I don’t even know how to catergorize it. Apparentley I’m not the only one. here’s some of the catergories that Amazon users put it into.

kexp (4), indie (2), Indietronic (1), electroclash (1),dance (1), electro-indie-pop (1), alternative (1), dance rock (1), indie pop (1)

Whoever labeled this band “dance” is an idiot. The only dance that I could see you doing to this song/band would be a gently swaying like kelp underwater. NO, less movement than that, like kelp on the beach. Really I don’t think I could ever listen to one (specific) type of music all the time. Not that I think everyone else does. Honestly I just don’t understand people that focus on this type of music. Don’t they ever want to scream? Or jump around? I listen to some pretty toned down music, but every once in a while I need to ROCK. To get the blood flowing. To remind myself that I’m alive.

Indie-tronic-electro-pop-core sounds too much like my every day life feels. I need music to make me feel better. Not the same. Who wants to be the same? You know who wanted to be the same… Nazi’s.



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