Random Thoughts, a phone blog test.


just like ppl who don’t understand ‘no turn on red signs’ WHEN PEDESTRIANS PRESENT!

having an argument about the def of fickle

never throw away an old toothbrush

ashley simpson is on the cover and has a 6 page layout in blender. But her cd is rated a 2

every time I talk to eric it has to include ‘but I’m a vegan’ when I talk to black people a similar situation does not occur.

people who call famous people they don’t know by their real names’ bob deniro, larry fishburn

smart people with a full head of hair vs balding smart people. Viewed as successful? Einstien?

“like a day where your undershirt is bigger than the over and your shoes keep coming untied”

I can’t read the word hospice without thinking of ‘HO SPICE’

seems like religious people are more apt to grow full beards?

Medical deformaties really kill the mood

if I can’t regive the ring cause she didn’t want it. She didn’t want me either

all I do all day is think in logic. Then wheb I get home I act/think so irrationally?

Sometimes I hate rap music that glorifies violence

the dumbass in the cube next to me just blurts out quotes so tht you’ll think he’s cool. But everyone is too old to get it and I think he’s a dumbass.

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