Blog cleaning time!


I decided that it was time for a little spring cleaning. First off i got rid of the style switcher and “greatest hits” side menus. I think they were just making the page load slower and mostly useless. Like anything here has a reason anyway! I might replace them with a new blosxom plugin, but not today. I’ve been noticing that there were still some IE vs Firefox differences in the CSS. Which are a complte pain in the ass to fix. I think I’ve worked through most of the issues. There were some stray padding values in the <"a"> tags. I worked on the main content style adding a colored title bar and a better defined footer to each post. I also got rid of the big date bar that would seperate days worth of posts, Because honestly I never post more than one per day. Looks good I think!

I was trying to embed a font in the css file so that I could have a cool header to each post. But after about 2 hours of messing with it I just gave up and went with the color and bold font. I like how CSS zen garden always uses them. But I guess It’s not for today. Slowly getting there!


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