Weekend update cont.


ok so here it goes.

Alright so we went to the Nats game on Friday. Then comes saturday. We spent pretty much the whole day just lounging around the house doing nothing. I’m sure Jesse was doing something, he always is. We’ve been planning to go see Jim Gaffigan in DC ever since we saw his Comedy Central special “Beyond the Pale”. This was going to be the same show. But just like Brian Regan w hoped that he would do some new/old stuff too. I’d been purposley not watching the special on the DVR because I wanted to forget the jokes, which is really hard… cause they’re funny dammit! After waiting in line for overproced beer the show began. And of course Gaffigan did not dissappoint! He was awesome. Good show my man. I really can’t remember one specific joke, cause I was laughing too hard the whole time.

Sunday came and it was time to relax and watch the monkeys work on Bobby’s new stereo system. I amused myself by painting a ray gun on my door. I’m still waiting on Jesse for a finished picture. Hopefully I’ll be able to post that soon.


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