Once you’ve gone blak…


…once, you never have to go back

It’s obvious that my obsession with the limited edition candy and various consumer products has gone too far. Or perhaps the Coca-cola company is the one that has gone too far with this new product. Perhaps they’ve opened a portal to hell inside the coke warehouse and the devil is just handing them new products.
So anyway this Blak thing is basically coke with a slight coffee flavor. Before I tried it I read that it was like flat coke with orange soda mixed with a little bit of coffee. When it hit my lips I was in stunned silence, that is exactly what it tastes like. I’m usally really excited about new products, but this one is not going to make it. If you sip it it kind of tastes good, but not good enough, good try Coke. Come back when you got your “A” game.

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