Weekend Update.


Man this weekend was full of stuff to do. On friday we went to the Nationals Braves game in DC. I just stayed after work so I wouldn’t have to drive my tired ass all the way out to Vienna and back. We met up at Jeff’s apartment near George Washington and did a little pre game drinking. I was going to smuggle a bag o’ vodka into the stadium but I had heard that the security wasn’t exactly fort knox. So I had a few “skinny bitches”, Diet Coke and vodka. I don’t really like skinny bitches… real or beverage. So we leave for the game, at the exact game time it decides to start pouring. Forcing an hour long rain delay… but we decide to head out anyway. The delay wasn’t that bad, we were in covered seats. wo we just talked and watched some morons run around the stadium with their shirts off. The game was… well it was a baseball game… so not that exciting. But Soriano did go 4 for 5 with 3 home runs. That’s right, we’re lucky.

I don’t feel like posting the rest right now. So i’ll continue this later.

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