Come on ride this train… and ride it… whoo whooo!


If you feel like dancin… then come on! Wow, once that song gets in your head it’s hard to stop it. Damn you Quad City DJs! So here’s what I want to discuss today. I’ve always know that the quality of young women on the orange line is sub par, not all of them mind you. But it’s literally like searching for a diamond. Well since I’m going down to Stafford tonight I parked the car at Springfield and took the blue line into DC today. Let me tell you that the difference is night and day. I think there must be a weight limit to ride that line. I’d say about 110, 120 tops. There was one that I’m sure we’ll see in some congressional scandal in the near future (she didn’t get off at Federal Center, which means it’s probably Capitol South for her)… That girl was hot (deep depp bo be do beep bo)

So then I decided to continue the hot girl safari and get some coffe too. The starbucks down stairs is teeming with hot young professionals. I think I should hang out there in hopes of snaring one. But I will run the risk of becoming a stalker. But there was a mysterious redhead that ordered the same drink as me. Venti Mocha… mmmmmmmmm. No ring on the finger, hopefully she will return!


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