The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope


I got the (new) old Scion back from the body shop on Monday. I’d been over there a few times to check on it and seen it in various stages of repair. The last time was last week, it was pretty much done but they said that they found something wrong with the left front suspension so the ordered new parts for it and I could pick it up this week. They’re pretty good at doind that, they went back to Geico 3 times to ask for more money for parts. I don’t know if that means that they’re doing a good job or if they just overlook a lot of things? But to me it looks pretty damn good. I can’t find anything wrong with the paint, the only way I can tell that it was painted is inside the liftgate there are some little rougn spots, but nothing on the outside what so ever. It’s actually better than before! They fixed the rock chip that I got in the first week of having the car last year and I got one shiny new rim! Suburban Auto Body seems like they do good work and apparently their work is gaurenteed for life, so that should be good. I wish they could have somehow tinted the windows and fixed the little scratches on the dash. Oh well… maybe next accident.


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