Schumaker, Mark Schumaker.


Not quite the same ring as Bond, but turns out I have the same car. You know that car in “From Russia with Love” that turns into a submarine. Well I figured out last night that My Scion does the same thing.

Jesse and I had been down in Stafford working on the Cardboard boat all day. (which is going to be amazing!) It had been raining all weekend so everything is totally soaked. On the way back Virginia drivers were being VA drivers. ANything out of the ordinary and they freak out, well, they pretty much freak out anyway. But they were actually pulling over on the side of the road cause it was raining too hard. So we decided to get off on Rt 123 and take that all the way to the house. Well after we got around the slow people it was smooth sailing.

that is until…

We were just passing the Mason campus when I saw some lights up ahead. First thing I thought was “What the hell are these people doing?” but just about then we hit a wall of water going 45 mph. SPHLOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! water was going over the hood and onto the windshield! I just kept on the gas and hoped that I wouldn’t stall out. It must have been 300 feet of water that had to be 2-3 ft deep. After we passed the other cars on the other side of the water I was so excited that we were screaming an honking the horn. It was really one of the coolest things that’s happened while I was driving.

When I got out there this morning I noticed that my liscense plate is sticking straight out from the bumper. The water must have gotten unter it and bent it up! Looks like I’m going to need a new GMU Alumni frame for it. Still awesome though.


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