Ever seen that guy.


Oh I’ve seen that guy. He had a tribal armband tattoo. He might as well have been wearing a popped color polo shirt, he was that guy. He spent the night reciting funny things other people thought of.

Are you Will Ferrell doing Harry Carray? Hey Funny Guy, are you passing off Pablo Fransisco routines as your own? Hey little tortilla boy? Your only orignial thought all night was… wait for it…

“why would sonic the hedgehog like chili dogs?”

Then you decided to use logic to decipher this mysterious riddle. But yet you seemed to convienently overlook the fact that hedgehogs are slow rodents who do not collect rings in an immaginary land with a flying two tailed fox as their best friend. Not to mention that the stupidest thing about the damn cartoon was that the voice of sonic was… was… Jaleel White… ERKEL. Or the unique nugget of knowledge that there were in fact 2 cartoons, one cheap and funny and one serious-ish and on ABC. But both Erkel.

So you had to have spent a fucking hour trying to prove to us that sonic couldn’t have eaten chilidogs because they make you fart… huh farts are funny.

I’ll give you credit that you can do a mean movie guy voice, but you sir are no Jaleel White.


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