I don’t know what it is recently, but loud noises really set me off. I started noticing it last week when I was leaving work. A time I should be happy about, but when I wsa in the stairwell and the door slammed behind me I leterally had fire in my eyes. I don’t know what it was about it, it could have been that the sound was really loud echoing off the concrete stairs. But then it happened again the other day, I dropped a book on the floor and had to controll myself from punching something.

So this morning it happened again. Except with a little twist. I’m not that much of a morning person, but this morning had it in for me. I couldn’t find my wallet when i was getting dressed, then when i got to the metro station i realized that I’d only shaved halfway (a price you pay for shaving in the shower with no mirror). Then the Metro broke down at Foggy bottom and I had to wait 15 minutes for the next train. so here’s where the story really starts.

I get on the train along with my 300 othe tired commuters. We packed the car full, not full by Japanese standards but still full. The “doors closing” chime goes off, some people get stuck in the door, then they move back… all normal stuff. But then Mr. “Im all up in your buisiness”


and procedes to lecture us about obeying the rules… so as I try to control the nuclear explosion inside my brain. I say something like, “thanks for the information, who the fuck are you!” I couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me and he didn’t say anything after that. So he must not have been anyone important.

If I had been sitting next to him I don’t know if I could control myself. I my have been writing this from a jail cell right now.


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