Trueish stories of the gross and semi-clean.


I know bathrooms aren’t the stuff of famous blog posts (unless you count The Daily Download) But this is really one of my pet projects, which I’ve written about previously.

Proving the futility of the tissue paper ass gasket system.

So if you don’t like random pictures I took in my office bathroom, click away now.

So the bathroom at my office is pretty clean… that is until anybody uses it. Government workers may look clean on the outside but much like M&Ms, they contain a creamy center of hate. When it comes to the work bathroom…I’m a frequent user, one of the regulars if you will. I try to get in there in the morning before the monsters have sullied it. But sometimes that just dosen’t work out. Never fails that by the end of the day at least one of the stalls is clogged and looking like those in the pictures.

Once there was a note on the mirror telling them to use less toilet paper each time. I disagreed with that at the time since the toilets here are some kind of water saving torture device that couldn’t flush a postage stamp. But after a few months of using I realised that these maniacs were using like 4 feet per… um… download.

Rectal clenlieness aside I can’t see why you would use that much toilet paper. There’s got to be some way to prove that the Toilet Paper Ass Gasket System (T-PAGS) is futile and based on urban legend. Every few months a new 7 grader proves that something is dirtier than a public toilet seat, because on the surface that seems like a good thing to compare it to. I think the flaw in all this is that the toilet seat is not the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. It’s probably the doorknob or the sink, those filthy bastards.

What I should do is compile a list of dirtiest things (or just find one somebody else has already done) and list them in order, seeing where the toilet seat places in there. I wonder if anything else on the list has a whole industry like the t-pags built around it?

But until then I’ll continue complaining about these bathroom destroying hoolagains. Who I really feel sorry for is the janitors.

Cause I ain’t cleaning that ish up!

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