Signs of the Season?


Well it’s finally getting cold here, we’ve spent the month without AC in a self imposed ban on cooling electricity. It was getting pretty steamy in the house until yesterday when Fall finally kicked it down a notch. Winterleague Beer Pong is starting to get back into swing, with Greg regaining his unstoppable form. It could also be that I stink in the winter, my arms get all frozen… whaaa. But at least the beer is cold.

Jesse is working furiously on finishing the beer-tronics for the table which should be ready for a Halloween Party debut. Our’s might be the only BP table that has software. Put that in your brain Kegbot and AIbar.

In other news I had a horrible morning, I woke up at 545, I had a weird taste in my mouth and had to crap like a bear in the woods. It could have been a spider I ate in my sleep, but whatever, I did not feel good. Not to mention that it was only 15 minutes from when I was supposed to wake up, then I fell alseep in the shower. Apparently I have some kind of intestinal problem, Maybe I’ll call in sick tomorrow.


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