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So after realizing that the last post accidentally stayed in draft form for over a week. I decided it’s time to pick up the pace with writing these things down. So this weekend even though we didn’t go anywhere we did get some snowboarding in. Let me introduce something I like to call DogBoarding. We have a unique deck at the house, I think it used to have an above ground pool because the highest part of it has a swinging gate. So we took a lot of the snow from around the yard and on top of the cars and made a roll-in to the backyard and then a ramp out in the middle. We originally thought that this would be enough to get speed, but we ended up making a second roll-in on top of the deck. So this run turned out to be a four foot ramp, 10 feet of flat, into a second 4 foot roll-in across the yard and onto a 2 foot ramp. It was pretty difficult but really fun on a snowboard and Jesse was out there to get some sweet pictures. It’s good to have the paparazzi around! Later the girls used it for sledding, which also made for some interesting pictures. here are a couple of them.

Flickr Dogboarding

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