The End Of An Era


Painting over Door MuralI had originally started out thinking that I was going to write a “Farewell to the house” post about how awesome it was to live there and all the good times I had, but then something happened. I started helping Jesse, Charlie, and Bobby move stuff out of the house and clean up and at first I was reminiscent about all the things that were just being thrown away. Thinking, we collected this stuff for a reason, isn’t somebody going to enjoy it. But then wave after wave of crap kept pouring out of the house. It really wears you down, they literally threw away a ton of stuff. couches, beds, tables, chairs, tvs, monitors, computers… it was all just too much. February 28th 2009 marked the end of an era.

That era was my extended adolescence. For real this time!

The rest of the guys are finally moving out of the house in Vienna. It’s like a going out of business sale, everything must go. All the stuff that I left behind there thinking someone would use  is out the door. You know all that stuff that you thought would look great around the bar in the basement? It’s old and dusty now and nobody wants it. You remember the bar in the basement? It’s old and nobody wants it. You remember the basement? It’s dirty and nobody wants to live there.  I don’t remember why we were keeping Brian’s mom’s microwave in the basement, but now you realize it’s so old that it has a dial for a timer and remember a dent in the top where people used to climb over it to get up onto his bed in the dorm room freshman year. Which… dear lord… was 2000.

What is it with my urge to remember everything that happens to me. Is it that I think my best times are behind me? I don’t! Maybe I just think that nobody else will remember these things. Nobody else will know that those plastic coconut cups in the basement came from the my engagement party.  Those 10.000 beer caps that you were saving for some un-named project… it’s not going to happen. Do you know why on Cribs you don’t see a wall plastered with cardboard 6 pack boxes, because it smells like mildew and the tape pulls the paint off the wall. But where does this stuff go when the era ends? Who gets the beer pong table? Who gets the bar, the bar!… man! Well, the answer for most of this stuff, is to the trash or for a small percentage Freecycle and Unique Thrift Store.  Conveniently where I will go in 10 years to buy it back when I’m in my midlife crisis.

There were a lot of good times the 4 years at the apartment in Fairfax and the 3 and a half years in the house Vienna. But it’s time to move on. We’re all moving on, in with our respective girlfriends. In my case it’s time to purge some of the crap in my life, so this era comes to an end at an opportune time.

The First of many!

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We have confirmation on a casualty in the dogwood war on rats. After finding some of the D-Con baits empty we anxiously waited for results. Which apparently don’t take very long. On Saturday morning I found our first victim in the laundry room. Which is better than stinking up the place, but really scary in the morning when you’re trying to find matching socks. I hope all of our enemies are as considerate as this one and die in public places, just please not in my bed.


About Last Night

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I’m definatley planning my child’s birth so that their 21st birthday doesn’t fall during the week. Especially a Wednesday! But last night was fun overall, up until bobby decided that it would be a good idea to take a bright orange 15 foot Jagermeister flag hostage. Lets say that Josh was a little pissed at the idea of being banned from his favorite bar unless the flag returned. Ahh Bobby… that boy ain’t right.


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So after realizing that the last post accidentally stayed in draft form for over a week. I decided it’s time to pick up the pace with writing these things down. So this weekend even though we didn’t go anywhere we did get some snowboarding in. Let me introduce something I like to call DogBoarding. We have a unique deck at the house, I think it used to have an above ground pool because the highest part of it has a swinging gate. So we took a lot of the snow from around the yard and on top of the cars and made a roll-in to the backyard and then a ramp out in the middle. We originally thought that this would be enough to get speed, but we ended up making a second roll-in on top of the deck. So this run turned out to be a four foot ramp, 10 feet of flat, into a second 4 foot roll-in across the yard and onto a 2 foot ramp. It was pretty difficult but really fun on a snowboard and Jesse was out there to get some sweet pictures. It’s good to have the paparazzi around! Later the girls used it for sledding, which also made for some interesting pictures. here are a couple of them.

Flickr Dogboarding

Ok I admit it, we’re pigs.

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So I knew we were dirty, but this is taking it to the next level. I’ve been trying to keep the kitchen a little more recentley… you know since I’d seen those roaches in the kitchen.  And every once in a while we’ve seen a little mouse run across the lights in the drop ceiling. Our relationship has always been that they don’t bother us and I wont kill them. But they’ve crossed the line… they ate the water hose that goes to the dishwasher. We wouldn’t have even noticed if Charlie wasn’t back in the lab again (yo), all the water that should have been going into the dishwasher was going into the basement. Not Cool Man!

So at the Home Depot while we were getting the incompetent workers to explain where black rubber tubing is, we picked up some poison to kill those little mickeys. So this marks the start of the Dogwood war on the mice.