Ok I admit it, we’re pigs.

Life, Randomness

So I knew we were dirty, but this is taking it to the next level. I’ve been trying to keep the kitchen a little more recentley… you know since I’d seen those roaches in the kitchen.  And every once in a while we’ve seen a little mouse run across the lights in the drop ceiling. Our relationship has always been that they don’t bother us and I wont kill them. But they’ve crossed the line… they ate the water hose that goes to the dishwasher. We wouldn’t have even noticed if Charlie wasn’t back in the lab again (yo), all the water that should have been going into the dishwasher was going into the basement. Not Cool Man!

So at the Home Depot while we were getting the incompetent workers to explain where black rubber tubing is, we picked up some poison to kill those little mickeys. So this marks the start of the Dogwood war on the mice.

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