Schu-Review : Echinacea Tea

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I’ve been drinking tea more at the office. This is partly because I’ve gotten tired of paying 2 bucks for a cup of Starbucks and also because the coffee they make in the office tastes like they made it with pinto beans instead of coffee. Usually I have the regular Lipton tea (there’s a big box of it in the cabinet) but sometimes I find some other kind to try. Today I found a straggler, a single bag of Echinacea Tea that someone must have cleaned out of their desk. I’m no stranger to eating or drinking things that other people have discarded so I thought it would be OK.

At first smell I could tell that something was going to be different about this cup. It had a weird smell of pine or maybe mint. It could have been the mint I was eating… but I wasn’t sure. I let the bag soak for a few minutes to make sure I was getting the full experience. When I finally did drink the tea… it was weird. But not in weird enough for me to stop drinking it, plus I was really tired and needed something. It was like I dipped a mint/pine air freshner into the cup along with the teabag.

I was going to quit drinking it when it hit me. It wasn’t like when you finally wake up after a cup of coffee, it was this weird ‘out there’ feeling. I think it was my chakra opening up, or maybe my third eye, this is yogi tea after all. It was a really pleasant experience. It made drinking this awful liquid worth it. This might be because of the tea, but I did find it in a cabinet at work, so it might have been there for years absorbing all the spiritual energy from hundreds of disgruntled HUD workers.

3/5 Schus

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