Operation Eat everything in the house in in full effect


First point : I love Laurel.

I don’t love that she has this insane habit of not finishing up something before opening a new one. This happens with toothpaste, shampoo (she has 4 types of shampoo in the shower), and especially food. Now I really shouldnt be complaining about this because the main reason that there are so many half empty sauces and ingredients is that she is a really good and adventurous cook. She’s always trying something new. The reason we have had an open can of coconut milk and a quarter pound of rice is that she made Thai sticky rice with mangoes… about 3 months ago. This is just one example. I guess I shouldn’t blame her it’s the same concept that causes hotdog buns to be in packs of 8 and hotdogs to be in packs of 10. So to remedy the situation this week while Laurel is gone I’m trying to get rid of any open or old edible food in the house.

Monday dinner : Soft corn tortillas covered with mixed cheese, turkey lunch meat, topped with oil infused mozzerella, drizzled in smoked chipotle tabasco and sriacha hot sauce. sprinkled with bbq rub. microwaved for 30 seconds

review: not bad, kind of hard to eat because soft corn tortillas pretty much disolve when you touch them. but overall very edible. But be sure to check if the turkey has gone bad, this would not be enjoyable.

Tuesday: Found several kinds of half open pastas on the upper shelf of the cabinet, one I’m sure is about 3 years old. I threw them all together and grilled some chicken breasts.

Schu-Review : Tron Legacy

Entertainment, Movies

I know that this review is super late, but its really hard to put into words how i feel about this movie. I liked it. I mean I more than liked it, but theres something in there not letting me say that I loved it. It’s so deep and detailed in some respects (visually and acoustically) but story wise its lacking, things seem to just happen. The story plays out like it’s on a rail, a light rail actually. So no matter what’s happening they never seem to be in any danger. Say what you want about Avatar, but at least the simple story made sense within the world. Some things in this play out like He-Man, where all his problems could be solved once he remembered… “Oh yeah, that’s right I’m He-Man!” and would just whip everyones ass. It’s like when you see those great pictures of super modern architecture or furniture designs and think “wow that looks so awesome” but then you realize that it’s missing all the things that make a house a home. Pictures of family, interesting tchotchkes, and just any evidence that someone actually lives there. It’s the same thing with this movie, they spent all the time designing the new cool vehicles, (and don’t get me wrong, they are kick ass awesome) but they don’t spend any time on the how or why they eat food or what they serve in that bar. Or why the programs would want to drink at a bar in the first place, it’s all very surface level.

Shiny pretty surface level.

Schu-Review: 3.5 out of 5 Schus

Schu-Review : NBA Jam-a-lamma Ding Dong

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Let me be clear about this right up front, I like this game. I think it is fun. It’s just that NBA JAM comes squarely from Frustration city USA. I really want to like it more as they have captured the game play of the original EXACTLY. Unfortunately they also captured the most frustrating elements of the old version. Like many games of it’s generation NBA JAM was severely lacking in the AI department and it plays like there is some dial that the computer is using that just has two settings ‘do nothing’ or ‘make it impossible to stop’. I have to admit that I’ve never been that good at the game anyway so that might account for my frustration.

I’ve started the career mode on Easy (because that’s the default setting).  I’ve played about 15 games and have won them all, right now I’m trying to beat the computer by double their points and thus unlock Danny Manning. Because that’s all there seems to be to this game is unlocking characters by doing things (10 blocks, etc)

more stuff after the break… featuring charts!

Schu-Review : Nas and Damian Marley – Distant Relatives

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I was talking to a friend about the existence of this album and the first thing he said was ‘I’ve always wanted to like Damian Marley but he’s not hard enough for me.’ which I thought was strange because I’ve always wanted to like Nas but I thought he wasn’t ‘Musical’ enough. I like his lyrics, but sometimes his beats are kind of basic and his choruses are lacking. But he’s from the streets, YO. So this is the album for both of us.

It starts out with a bang. ‘As we enter’ is the classic hip-hop “who we are” song, with an interesting beat and lyrics. Lots of back and forth between the two. Marley really ups his lyric game on this track. Starts the album with a bang, really gets you going. I love this song.

[Damian Marley]
Masuri Sana
Switch up the language and move to Ghana

Salute and honor, real revolution rhymers

[Damian Marley]
Rhythm piranhas

Like true Obamas, unfold the drama

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this is my favorite song on the album. The album as a whole follows a track where it starts out loud and fast and then each song gets more mellow. There are a few really good songs ‘Strong Will Continue’ , ‘Land of Promise’ , and ‘Friends’. But with the statement it makes when it first starts I wish that it could have maintained that energy level through the whole thing. But I guess that is the melding of these two styles. It’s still a great album, put it on and chill out for 45 minutes.

4 out of 5 Schus