Illusion of Security

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I really shouldn’t argue with people, especially people who are just doing their jobs. But it’s just so hard when I think their jobs are pointless. At my office in DC they recently beefed up the security to get into the building. Before all you had to do was beep your little security pass at the counter and then get on the elevator. But then I guess some important people moved into the building because they installed a metal detector and an x-ray machine. So now “All electronics and bags must be scanned” in the x-ray, you have to walk through the metal detector, and show photo id. Seems legitimate right?

No in fact it’s bullshit, let me explain.

1. They don’t care what kind of photo id, I could make my own and show it to them and they would just smile and wave me by. They only care that you have a picture of yourself.

2. The metal detector doesn’t care if I walk through with the following in my pocket. Set of car keys, large cellphone, Ipod shuffle and headphones, and $1.50 in quarters. Pretty safe.

3. They don’t make you scan coffee cups or lunch bags. I’m not just talking about the tiny brown bag with a scone that I just walked through with. I’m talking about a 2 foot sheet cake or a stack of newspapers a foot high. They barely even checked those.

Why do I care? Well I really shouldn’t, but I just hate it when I get called out for not scanning my 1 inch mp3 player and have to go back through the process and some lady carrying a 10lb cake just walks right through. And she actually passed the cake AROUND the metal detector. Plus these inept gaurds wouldn’t know a bomb if I walked in wearing it as a hat. This level of security wouldn’t stop even the stupidest criminal.


ps. don’t arrest me for pointing out the inadequacy of the system.

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