Illusion of Security

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I really shouldn’t argue with people, especially people who are just doing their jobs. But it’s just so hard when I think their jobs are pointless. At my office in DC they recently beefed up the security to get into the building. Before all you had to do was beep your little security pass at the counter and then get on the elevator. But then I guess some important people moved into the building because they installed a metal detector and an x-ray machine. So now “All electronics and bags must be scanned” in the x-ray, you have to walk through the metal detector, and show photo id. Seems legitimate right?

No in fact it’s bullshit, let me explain.

1. They don’t care what kind of photo id, I could make my own and show it to them and they would just smile and wave me by. They only care that you have a picture of yourself.

2. The metal detector doesn’t care if I walk through with the following in my pocket. Set of car keys, large cellphone, Ipod shuffle and headphones, and $1.50 in quarters. Pretty safe.

3. They don’t make you scan coffee cups or lunch bags. I’m not just talking about the tiny brown bag with a scone that I just walked through with. I’m talking about a 2 foot sheet cake or a stack of newspapers a foot high. They barely even checked those.

Why do I care? Well I really shouldn’t, but I just hate it when I get called out for not scanning my 1 inch mp3 player and have to go back through the process and some lady carrying a 10lb cake just walks right through. And she actually passed the cake AROUND the metal detector. Plus these inept gaurds wouldn’t know a bomb if I walked in wearing it as a hat. This level of security wouldn’t stop even the stupidest criminal.


ps. don’t arrest me for pointing out the inadequacy of the system.


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Why is it so annoying to me when I hear a fat slob talking about how he’s been doing karate for 25 years? (pronounced ka-ra-tey)
I know it’s the naive thing to think that I could kick his butt without even trying. But to look at him while he’s talking is ridiculous, he’s seriously shaped like Newman from Seinfeld. You know it’s time to loose weight when your stomach is affecting the way you walk.

25 years???? You may need to take up a new hobby.


Louis Tulley and circular talking.

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There’s this guy at work who really annoys me. Annoy… that’s a soft term. When he talks I want to stab myself in the ear with a pen. He punctuates every statement with a series of little laughs, which doesn’t sound that bad… for the first thousand times. So today I’ve pinned down what really makes me cringe. First he talks way too fast, I purposely slow down my speech when I’m talking to him, hoping that he’ll get the point. (which hasn’t worked so far) He has something to say about everything, nothing that matters, he just wants to get the last word in every conversation.

But really it’s this… he talks in circles. Kinda like Yoda, but he starts at the beginning of the sentence. Here is one statement that I heard this morning.

I didn’t see them here last night, they’re usually here by 7. I was here last night and I didn’t see them.

This doesn’t sound that bad. But just think if every sentence was like this. Coming at you at a hundred miles an hour for 8 hours a day. So what lesson did we learn today kids? Say things once… slowly… and take a shower for once dammit!


09F9 1102 … don’t sue me.

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The non-geeky works spins by blissfully unaware that there’s a minor revolt going on in the tubes. I don’t really have time to explain exactly what it is (or care to) but it involves codes used to copy the new HD-DVDs. Apparently the copy protection can by undone by a 16 digit number. Here’s the best quote I’ve heard so far about it.

The companies that made AACS spent millions and years at it. The hackers who broke it did so in days, for laughs, for free. More people now know how to crack HD-DVD than own an HD-DVD player.

boingboing coverage


Like teeth on a chalkboard

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I know this blog isn’t the best designed thing in the world, I try. But it does have a lot of CSS on the back end that I understand fairly well. When I’m at work I design the front end of our application, I try. I spend all day trying to get all the buttons to move one pixel to the right while still getting the error messages to float to the left. It’s been interesting day to say the least.

So then I come across a page in the system that another developer has been working on. I can tell from the screen that it needs some cleanup. (even though he says It’s almost done!). As I’m going through it I find this.

& #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160 & #160

which is the java equivalent of “&nbsp” which is a space. I’m spending all day writing css styles to move things one pixel and this guy is aligning things by hitting the space bar 150 times.