Been a long time, I should have left you a dope beat to step to.

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I’ve been busy, give me a break… Ok so not really. Well really, but I just haven’t thought of it in a while.

I just got back from the Toronto Film Festival last week. So I’ve been trying to unpack and get life back on shedule. This also now includes packing lunch in the morning and trying to save money because I spent it all trying to seem famous at the festival… Damn you $9 beer night. But it was a really cool experience, seeing how the other <s>half</s> 10% lives.

The best part, by far, was getting to see “Zack and Miri make a porno” with introduction and questions after by Kevin Smith. The movie was phenomonal, just really funny (and dirty) and a good story with characters that you really like. If audiences can get past the title then I think this will make Mr. Smith boatloads of money… well it’ll make the Weinstiens lots of money anyways and that’s always good for Kevin. Seth Rogen was born to deliver Smith’s writing and you can see just enough of his improvizations to add some personality to the movie. This is flat out the best cast ever in a View Askew production, it’s nice to see an entire cast of real actors. (yes I consider Mewes an actor… now)

Schu-Review: 4 out of 4 Schus

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