A note to the blonde manager at my Artomatic shift last night.

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I don’t even remember your name, probably because you never told it to me. Even though you told me a lot of other things to do last night because you were theoretically “in charge” last night. Which mostly consisted of second guessing our techniques for deconstructing the walls of the space and screwing things up for the one actual paid worker. Also it was nice of you to not realize when I was joking about getting a free set of lights for my labors and talking to me in an insulting tone. thanks.

I worked my ass off for you. Me and my VOLUNTEER crew worked through 5 floors of Artomatic and removed all the light brackets off the walls. While another crew carried them to a central location and stacked them neatly. Wade and I did the first floor with screwdrivers BY HAND until the cordless drills arrived without any serious complaining. So the reward I get for busting my ass and NOT COMPLAINING?

You talked to me like a fucking child.

Let me recreate the scene for you. We returned to the office sweaty and tired after working as hard as humanly possible for 5 hours on deconstruction. I bought a water for a dollar and stood around waiting to be signed out.
You come in to the office and ask me (with much attitude) “Are all the light brackets stacked in the middle on 5?”
I respond “Yeah, I guess” (with a shrug of the shoulders)
You : “Well is is yes, or is it Yes with a shrug so I have to go back up there and check it myself”

I have never felt more anger in one moment in my entire life, but because I am a good person and NOT ON YOUR LEVEL, I didn’t respond with all the cruel and vile remarks that were filling my head. Also I was shocked that you would treat a volunteer that way.

First… It was your plan to have OTHER PEOPLE in charge of stacking the brackets, NOT ME.
Second… If we hadn’t worked so hard there’s no way we would have come close to finishing the 5th floor.
Third… This is the first day of deconstruction, what does it matter if everything is finished and neat yet?
Fourth… Wade and I are going to be back there tonight, we can just pick up where we left off.

With Artomatic complaining this year about more and more people not showing up for their shifts and even needing people to volunteer extra to help out I suggest that you try and be more civilized towards HARD WORKING VOLUNTEERS. If I wasn’t required to come back tonight there’s no way in hell that I would be helping you.

I love Artomatic and have done a lot to help promote the show. I carved the artomatic logo 100ft tall in my yard, I invited family and friends, and I got 2 of my artist friends to be in the show this year. But for how much I love the show… I loathe the thought of ever having to work with you again.


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