Thoughts on the End of Artomatic 2009

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It actually ended last weekend… But I’ve been busy…(more on that later). So it’s over, I’ve delivered most of the works that I sold, but I still have to do my volunteer shifts on the 22nd and 23rd. Obviously this years show was a great success, they had the biggest attendance ever and I think some of the best works ever. I think everyone is really stepping up their game, I think competition is great for the DC art scene. I made some friends and contacts that I’ll have to keep in touch with in the Non-Artomatic months.

It was a really successful show for me personally this year! Not just because I sold about 90% of all the work that I displayed, but because I gained a lot of confidence that I can make, show, and SELL artwork. I’m hoping to break into internet sales by joining Etsy in the coming months. I have talked to a few people on there and I’m excited about the possibilities.

I’ll try to keep posting on my site whenever I have a development.


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