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So I thought this was really mind blowing, but Laurel wasn’t that impressed.

Last year we camped with random people at All Good. So random that if we had been walking around 10 minutes later Matt may not have been walking around outside his camp and wouldn’t have invited us to camp with him and his group. So we, total strangers, camped with them at All Good 12 and had an awesome time.

Now move on to All Good 13 and we’re camped at the top of a hill overlooking the entire camp. A photographer walks close to us and takes a picture of the sunset. Being good All Gooders we invite him to sit with us for a minute. I think we might have explained that we were looking for our friends from last year, but I’m not sure.

So now move on to yesterday when I find his card under some papers in the living room and give him an email about getting a copy of those pictures. First thing he sees on my flickr page is that we were hanging out with his friends from Blacksburg …Matt, Becca, and Liz … and the same people we camped with the year before!

Maybe the All good community is smaller than I think and everyone knows each other? But I think that randomly meeting 2 people out of 30,000 on 2 seperate years that know each other is INCREDIBLE!

Next year we’re not leaving it up to chance. I’m fiends with Becca on Facebook and we’re making plans ahead of time.

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