Maybe my blog should be about things I'm doing.

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I’ve got that post-Artomatic, post-All Good Festival, post-Cardboard Boat Race itch. This is the time of summer that really gets my creative juices flowing. I’m trying to find projects that don’t involve buying furniture at IKEA, *(but that is so damn hard). Here are some of my current project ideas.

  • Finish last Door Knocker orders from Artomatic.
  • Sculpt new skull ideas for door knockers.
  • Mounted Tentacle wall display (original and plaster cast)
  • Sci-Fi mad scientist tube wall mount set (bubble light)
  • Closet Light thing (what do you call a box that’s above a curtain?)
  • RAD poster (oh it’s gonna be sweet)
  • Artificial wetland using overflow from washing machine
  • I’ve cleaned up the house a little (new IKEA shelves) and now I think that I have some room to start a new project. I’ll post some pictures up here whenever I get around to it.

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