Skulls delivered for Halloween

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Carter Skull

Carter Skull

Hamill Skull

Hamill Skull

I finally delivered these last Monday. I’d been working on them for a long time. I got an email from someone who had seen them at Artomatic and wanted one for a unique wedding gift for a friend and one for herself. She wanted them to be mostly black with these specific colors. I hadn’t done a one with black as the main color. I had a few false starts and paint mistakes, but in the end I think they came out awesome.

Things I learned from these.

  1. Gloss black is cool by itself, but hard to do color effects over.
  2. I hate oil paints.
  3. Airbrushing is both harder and easier than I thought.
  4. Plaster casts can be brittle.
  5. I need to pay attention to knocker length. (that’s what she said)

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