Either I have too many projects or too little attention

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Somehow I’ve convinced myself that all my projects are easy. That I can just run to Home Depot at 8:45 and somehow have them completed by the morning.  It’s coming down to crunch time for wedding projects, so I really need to start working on them instead of all the other projects that keep popping up in my head! I’m still keen on the idea of having a photo booth at the wedding.  I slacked off some when I tested the software and camera setup and got everything working about 2 months ago.  I just needed to find a printer that would work, I freecycled an epson 840 which should be able to print on the 4×6 photo paper. I’m at the step now where I can pretty much see it completed, which is usually the point where I lose motivation.

I need to keep moving so I can get these things done!

Here is a list of projects that I have going on right now. They are in various stages of completion.

  • Skull door knockers
  • Paper Lantern style Photo Booth
  • Fantasy Football Trophy
  • FJM website and logo
  • Box office Contest website
  • Hannah and Opie Wedding art gift
  • Micah and Renee wedding art gift
  • Bachelor Party/Draft this weekend

There’s probably more… but I’ve forgotten about them.

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