Can the Scion go to SUPER AWESOME STATUS?

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So I’ve had this idea for a while…

I threw together this mockup of what it would look like…

I’ve always wanted to do something special with my car, but it has been a pretty new car and looked alright so I didn’t want to do anything that would screw it up. When I started driving to work more and I got a few scratches and dents I thought… maybe now? When I drove through a car wash and it stripped most of the paint off of my front rim, I thought…  maybe now? When we were driving down the highway and a random piece of metal hit the front of it and left a couple of large holes, I thought… Now?  When driving down to Florida over Thanksgiving and a large black piece of plastic under the front of the car came loose and started scraping the ground, I thought… the time is just about right.  But the latest in the evolution of my car from “Respectable Vehicle” to “Semi-Beater” was when I was trying to open the back hatch and the piece that is both trunk hatch button and tail light broke off and is now duct taped back on. So there’s already some tape on there… might as well go for whole show.

So now I’m thinking of making this design with colored electrical tape. I should probable go the extra step and do it in colored vinyl so that it won’t get all gross and sticky in the Summer. But with electrical tape I feel that it would go on quicker and come off easier… if I only leave it for a short amount of time. I’ll probably have to tweak the design a little so that it looks more like rainbow colored blood and maybe have some police tape blocking off the section around the unicorn.  I’m sure I’ll get some weird looks having what is basically a rainbow running down the side of my car… but it might be worth it to achieve SUPER AWESOME STATUS

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