Project Progress : Rad Poster Update

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In an effort to keep motivated I’ve decided to post regular updates about my projects that are still in progress. I’m going to do this for a whole bunch of projects when I move into the new house, but for now the most ambitious project I have on my plate is the Illustrated poster for the 1986 movie RAD.

I made a huge amount of progress in the last couple weeks. These drawings are all clearly preliminary as I will probably go back into them an add or take away details depending on how big they will be in the final print. I’m trying not to get too excited about it because I have a tendency to lose motivation when I can see the project being complete in my mind. But I have a plan for this one so I’m trying to be more organized. I have full color illustrations complete-ish for 5 characters on the poster.  I’m posting previews of three more of them below.

Sgt. Smith

Bart Taylor

Mrs. Jones

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