2011: The Year in Schus

Life, Trips

Sometimes I forget what I’ve done last week, so it’s not a surprise that at the end of the year I would sit there on New Years Eve and think “What have I done this year?” According to my Picasa gallery, a lot.

The biggest thing I did this year was buying a house. We bought a house in Fairfax in January 2011. I really love it, but having a mortgage really makes you grow up fast. The house was already renovated when we moved in, so there wasn’t many big house projects to take care of. So I built a bar instead.

There were concerts and birthdays and trips to NYC/Georgia/Tampa/Niagara Falls, We hosted Easter and Thanksgiving at our house, I grew a beard, another Cardboard boat race, 2 weddings, and we ran our first adventure race (the warrior dash).

It was a pretty great year in the Schumaker’s life, But without our friends and family there to share in our adventures it wouldn’t have been as fun.

I give it 5 Schu’s.

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