This is what they think of you



One time I saw the Weinermobile driving down 610, 2 weeks ago I saw the Herman Cain 999 bus driving into DC, my grandma used to spin yarns about a spectral locomotive that would rocket past the farm back home. But none of this could prepare me for what I saw on 95 South a couple weeks ago.

Is this from the same people that think that people will order ‘Sex on the Beach’ as a pickup line. That works right!

Who is this drink for? Bros who ice bros? Who thinks it’s awesome that you can go up to a bartender and say ‘you got sum poise in here’? I would love some poosie in my mouth! I’m awesome and people like me because of my drink orders!

I’ll suck down sum poosie tonight that’s for sure… and by that they mean they’ll try to ironically drink this sugar and caffeine based beverage that they say they hate but actually they’re not really a man who can drink a real drink. Hemingway would put a cigarette out in your eye if you offered him ‘Sum Poosie’. It’s in a pink can for gawds sake. Is it for women? Then why does it have a girl in a bikini on the bottle. Who are they really marketing this to? and who gave them the money to produce this? Let’s make sure they’re the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

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