How could I wait so long?


The other day I took my favorite stainless steel thermos mug to work with coffee in it. I’ve been noticing that all my coffee seems to taste a little weird. I had been chalking that up to having to use almond milk and stevia because I ran out of normal milk and sugar. But this day I was sure that I had used the ‘regular’ stuff. I didn’t think it could be the mug because I had gotten it right out of the dishwasher. I tried to scrape it with my finger nail, but nothing came off. When I got to work I noticed on the counter was a bottle of ‘Coffee Clean‘ coffee pot and mug cleaner. So I thought… what the hell, I’ll give it a try.

Holy Crap…

A thin brown lining literally sloughed off the inside of the thermos in sheets. It was gross. What’s also gross is that lining is probably on the inside of my intestines too. But that’s going to take another kind of cleaner.

The picture above is another mug that I brought in today to document the results. It was in way worse starting condition and the results are fabulous. If I’m going to have to share my mugs with Laurel and Kara and their weird teas I’m going to have to keep my mugs clean.

How could I have not thought about this before?

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