Country Music is like tomatoes.

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It’s amazing what kind of music I like now… well not really amazing, just interesting. It’s just like food tastes, I used to only like french dressing on salads, now I can’t get enough vinagrette. In high school I hated country music, but now I still don’t like it… so that hasn’t totally changed. But I do like the fringes of country. (bluegrass, alt-country, cowpunk, etc.) Country music is like tomatoes, I don’t like them by themselves, but I like everything made out of them (salsa, pasta sauce, etc). I just got an album from [W:The Beat Farmers] and it’s totally awesome. I’m a little behind the times because it came out 13 years ago and 2 of the band members have died since then. But it’s just really good music, just enough country, just enough rock.

I’ve been on a very alt-country kick recently.