Country Music is like tomatoes.

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It’s amazing what kind of music I like now… well not really amazing, just interesting. It’s just like food tastes, I used to only like french dressing on salads, now I can’t get enough vinagrette. In high school I hated country music, but now I still don’t like it… so that hasn’t totally changed. But I do like the fringes of country. (bluegrass, alt-country, cowpunk, etc.) Country music is like tomatoes, I don’t like them by themselves, but I like everything made out of them (salsa, pasta sauce, etc). I just got an album from [W:The Beat Farmers] and it’s totally awesome. I’m a little behind the times because it came out 13 years ago and 2 of the band members have died since then. But it’s just really good music, just enough country, just enough rock.

I’ve been on a very alt-country kick recently.

Musical Gauntlet 02

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Songs that are awesome, part 2.

White Zombie – Thunderkiss ’65 – Laurel and I were just talking about this album the other day. Not so much about the songs but about the fact that it’s the only CD my parents ever made me throw away. To their credit it did have demons and 666 drawn all over the cover. (as I’ve grown up I realize that this is mostly for marketing purposes) Anyway this might be my favorite Hard rock song of the 90’s. It sort of has a 60’s vibe to it, can’t really say why, it might just be because they (ninteen- sixty – five – yeah) over and over. If a song can make you drive faster this is the one.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Bitches – This section of the list should be titled “Songs my mom would hate”. But it’s not, these songs are awesome. With a song like this it helps to get introduced to it with a well timed pokemon fan video. I’m not going to say that i’m a fan of all this bands lyrics/imagery, but this song is the sweetness. It contains the line “Bitches love me cause they know that I can rock”… it’s like my theme song.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge – This song always makes me remember summer. The real summer when you didn’t have to go to school, not this bastardized summer where you get to wear short sleeved shirts to the office. The song is so simple that I could probably play it on the guitar, it’s all about delivery. It follows the trend of Hard rock bands showing their sensitive side in a ballad, but they’re singing about drug addiction… so suck my kiss.

Musical Gauntlet 01

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So a while back Laurel asked my what my all time favorite band was, I didn’t have an answer. I still don’t really have an answer, but that’s probably because I’ve never really thought about it.

I was making a play-list for Dave to listen to while he was at ju jit su. I was searching my library for all the hard rock songs that I could find and I came across some good songs. I’ll classify these songs as “Songs that never get old” I would say that these are the cream of the crop in my musical stew.

They are not all hard rock songs… it’s hard to search the library and be exact with genres. They’re just songs that came up and I made a snap judgment that they were awesome. Since I’ve been reading “Fargo Rock City” I’ve been thinking like a amateur music critic. (which just means I know enough to argue) I decided to share some of my favorites and why. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Redman / Methodman – Da Rockwilder – seriously do I have to say why? This has got to be the best beat of the 1990’s. And unlike most hiphop songs, I actually know most of the lyrics. I’d have to say there is no better song to bump down the street in a hunter green chrystler minivan (with the infinity sound system).

Johnny Cash – Hurt – I know most people will say that Cash’s best songs are “Walk the line” and “Ring of Fire” etc. But to me this is the way I want to remember someone that I really don’t remember. I mean come, I was born in 1981, I think it would be pretentious of me to say that he hasn’t made any good music since the 60’s. I don’t judge the man, I give him credit for covering a song made famous by an industrial rock group in the 1990’s. Plus it kicks the originals ass.

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance Pronounced with an Umpty! Yo ladies oh how I like to funk thee… This Shakespearian lyrical masterpiece will get the asses on the dance floor like no other song in the history of the world. As we know from the lyrics, it’s your only chance to do the hump, and who in their right mind would pass up a chance like that? Seriously you can’t help but like this song. I like my beats funky and my oatmeal lumpy!

that’s a start. When I come across some more I’ll post it.

Song of the Moment: Summer 07

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Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall

Its such a good song, not sure where I heard it. I think it was from an episode of “The Loop” but it’s been used in a couple of other places. I think it might have been on “Greys Anatomy” the other day (which I was watching because of Laurel). Anyhow, its a really fun light song. I think it’ll be my summer anthem… or at least until I get tired of it.

The rest of the album is pretty good too!


I the non-musical snobberist

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You know that look that some hipster kid gives you when he asks you what kind of music you like and you tell him “A little bit of everything”? Well next time punch him in the face. I honestly do like everything or at least pieces of everything. Terrence (the guy in the cube next to mine.) asked my what kind of music I listen to so I told him what’s on my playlist right now.

Here’s what’s on Poddington Jr. (my shuffle) right now.

  • Kittie
    An all-girl hardcore metal band
  • Fallout Boy
    A pop-rock band
  • Dixie Chicks
    An all-girl country group
  • Lost Prophets
    A pop-rock band, but ‘cooler’ than FOB
  • De La Soul
    A pioneering 80’s/90’s hip hop group
  • Best of Bootie 2006
    A compilation of the best Mash-ups of last year

I think this is an accurate portrait of my musical tastes. 3/6 rock, 2/3 of that pop-rock. 2/6 hip-hop or hip-hop influenced. 1/6 country, (that’s actually a little high) and 2/6 groups with girl singer.

I do like everything. So screw you with your hipster jean jacket and ironic nintendo belt buckle.

More Notes on 500 songs (cont.)

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Well I had to make the playlist for the Halloween party so I put my listening odessy on hold for a while. I’ll be continuing this week sometime. I’m having a bit of trouble with my computer being dead at work, so I should have some free time.

But before all this I did finish up to #172, here’s some notes transcribed from a yellow post-it.

#146. B-52s – Rock Lobster

The music is so good, plus the lyrics make it extra… creepy. But it’s way too long, wears thin.

#147. Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

Carnival Cruise Lines! But they must leave out the lyrics “I’m gonna beat my brains with liquor and drugs” but if they said “Liquor and food” they might have an accurate description

#151. The Penguins – Earth Angel

Marty McFly had a much better version with Marvin Berry and the Starlighters

#155. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

This song makes me want to roll, roll, roll down the river. or perhaps watch Forrest Gump.

#160. Public Enemy – Fight the Power

Does the original always have to be the best? Cause the Anthrax/PE version is 100 times better than this.

#166. Eminem – Lose Yourself

If you don’t think this song belongs in the top 500, you are insane crasy. The beat alone deserved it, plus it WON an OSCAR.

#172. Areosmith – Dream On

This dosen’t even sound like Steven Tyler. along with “Paint it Black” by the Rolloing Stones, it makes you realize how much they suck now… or why they were considered good at one time.