Artomatic – the Stressmaker

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I lead a pretty stress free life on a regular basis. I hardly ever have deadlines and the biggest worry is how im going to pay for that next vacation. But the last two springs have been pretty intense. Artomatic is in like 20 days and I have all of nothing finished for it so far. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of half finished things all over the place… but nothing in frames ready to go. I can feel the stress starting to build like a tidal wave waaaaay out to sea right now.

We’ll see how I feel in two weeks.

Art-o-Matic registration this Friday

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I’ve sort of been the event coordinator for a group of my friends for this years show. I think I have 3 people (maybe 4) that want to show at the 2009 show. I think Artomatic is one of the best things to happen in the DC area all year. I’m sure that some professional artists look down on the event as a dilution of the Art scene in DC by inviting all of the outsiders in. But I think it just gets people excited about Art! I think it’s the perfect place for people like myself, who have training in the Arts but choose to work in other fields. It’s also great for our friends, most of who are not fruit loving art-hipsters.

Registration is this Friday at Noon. and the show starts in about 45 days.

… I need to get working on the actual art!