Things I found on the Internet today using Stumbler and the power of imagination

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I was reading a discussion on Ask Metafilter about understanding America and I got inspired about what a great country that we live in. I also recently re-discovered Stumble Upon. You see I have this list of about 30 bookmarks that I visit on a regular basis. When those are done, I’ve officially finished the internet. I just sit there trying to think of something to Google. But stumbling allows me to randomly go through sites that are rated good by the community. There seems to be some kind of relationship to that discussion and the links that I’m finding today

Ask Meta-filter discussion about understanding America

The Wikipedia entry on the history of beer in America

A picture of the invasion fleet at Normandy

A video about the Chrysler Turbo Encabulator

Beard Team USA

I don’t know if these links explain America. I’m sure if I spent time on it I could noodle out some correlation of feedom and responsibility and recreation. But I think that it explains my interests and humor pretty well.