Adventures in epoxy casting part 2

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I’ve done a lot of casting, but all plaster so far. I knew that if I was going to make more complex detailed designs then I would need to move to epoxy plastic casting. In hindsight I should have started with a simpler, one piece mold. I thought that since this shape is basically a ball it would be easier.

  1. Not building a outer mold
  2. Forgot the pour spout in the mold making.
  3. probably should have cast this upside down, to avoid bubbles in the face.
  4. I worried way too much about getting all the angles perfect on the prototype, i’m going to have to fix all these bubbles anyway.
  5. I should have built in places to screw this down.
  6. probably should have used deeper registration marks.

Adventures in epoxy casting part 1

Art, Projects
remove clay, feel sense of accomplishment.

remove clay, feel sense of accomplishment.

Trying to make a mold for a small project I’m working on. I thought it was going to be a simple sculpture to start with. But the size and the fact that I wanted to keep it hollow are making it very challenging. I’ve followed a bunch of different tutorials online about making the mold. That’s not really the hard part. I think it’s very difficult to judge how much silicone you’ll need. Like everything in this it’s really important to plan ahead… which I’m not that good at.
gallery of process after the break.