Cheap sunglasses for the win

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I would say that 95% of cheap sunglasses make you look like Tom Cruise’s retarded brother. But every once in a while you find that magical 5% that are both cheap and cool and also don’t fold like their made of solder when you have them in your pocket.  It makes you feel good every time you look in the mirror and you see yourself looking slightly cooler and know that you didn’t spend an inappropriate amount of money on these things. I’m sure my optometrist friend would tell me that they aren’t protecting my eyes from all types of radiation. But the sticker on them did say that they block UV A & B rays… so until they discover C rays, I’m good.

Rule one of my “New rules for cheap things” is

  1. If it’s under $10 and it works for you, buy two.

So I bought 2 pairs.

They have a website, where you can’t actually by anything. I think it’s more for retailers to find out about the line. But hey, if I’m going to tell you about the virtues of a $11 product I can at least tell you what it is.

StyleScience “Contour” – Bought at CVS Pharmacy in DC $10.99

4 out of 5 Schus