Why my postman hates me

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The local clay store couldn’t get any more hydrocal from their distributor so I found this great deal on Ebay.

If it fits it ships!

Even if its 40 lbs of hydrocal that you bought off of eBay. The box looked like it was shot-putted onto my doorstep. Also every inch of it was covered in clear packing tape. I guess the seller didn’t want to have his package mistaken for anthrax.


Artomatic 2012 Installed

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I finished installing my show for the 2012 Artomatic in Crystal City. I am happy with most of the work, I got really stressed the final weekend because I had to finish making about 12 of the door knockers in the last weekend. I wasn’t able to be as creative with the painting because I wanted to have one rusty one, one silver one, and one copper one for each design.  So that one left one each for the creative designs.

But I really learned a lot in the process, I learned that if I’m going to get complicated with the painting I should probably paint them first and then glue them on. I learned that I should probably test the hanging mechanism before I get to the show.  I also learned that paint drys out if you don’t use it for 2 years.

As much as I can relax a little from creating these guys every free minute I have I can’t really take too much time off. I need to have some ready because I think people are going to want custom colors and I’m going to be selling ‘blanks’ so that other artists can design their own.  Which is fine with me because I really like the construction part better anyway.  That would free me up to create more sculptures and worry less about finishing them.

I need to re-evaluate the construction process. I have it pretty much down to a science now, I can order all the parts from McMaster-Carr. But there are two steps that I need to improve, its really annoying to cut the u-bolts shorter with a dremel and I know there has to be a better way to make the knocker hinge then bending a screw eye.  Also I haven’t perfected the attaching it to the door part… which would seem like a major part right?