Operation Eat everything in the house in in full effect


First point : I love Laurel.

I don’t love that she has this insane habit of not finishing up something before opening a new one. This happens with toothpaste, shampoo (she has 4 types of shampoo in the shower), and especially food. Now I really shouldnt be complaining about this because the main reason that there are so many half empty sauces and ingredients is that she is a really good and adventurous cook. She’s always trying something new. The reason we have had an open can of coconut milk and a quarter pound of rice is that she made Thai sticky rice with mangoes… about 3 months ago. This is just one example. I guess I shouldn’t blame her it’s the same concept that causes hotdog buns to be in packs of 8 and hotdogs to be in packs of 10. So to remedy the situation this week while Laurel is gone I’m trying to get rid of any open or old edible food in the house.

Monday dinner : Soft corn tortillas covered with mixed cheese, turkey lunch meat, topped with oil infused mozzerella, drizzled in smoked chipotle tabasco and sriacha hot sauce. sprinkled with bbq rub. microwaved for 30 seconds

review: not bad, kind of hard to eat because soft corn tortillas pretty much disolve when you touch them. but overall very edible. But be sure to check if the turkey has gone bad, this would not be enjoyable.

Tuesday: Found several kinds of half open pastas on the upper shelf of the cabinet, one I’m sure is about 3 years old. I threw them all together and grilled some chicken breasts.