Wade Mixer Mockup


Wade Mixer Mockup, originally uploaded by mark5four0.

I’m hoping to get some use out of that airbrush I got a while back. I think I’ll need to practice on a lamp or something before taking on a project with this many details. I really just need to put more time into the prep work because I’m pretty solid with the taping and details.

I’ll post the results when I get some!

Wade’s post about the mixer with sketches.

Knit Together at Artomatic

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Knit Together at Artomatic, originally uploaded by goshdarnknit.

the James Renwick Alliance gives out these craft awards for art that is really well made. I’m sure there are other criteria, but all the pieces just seem to have that “How did they make that” or “This is put together really well” kind of vibe going for them. That is something that I’ve never thought of my own work. I always seem to leave errors in the things that I make. Not on purpose really, I just can’t seem to smooth out the details. I guess I need to experiment more and really get my technique down. There’s always next year!