Halo 2 Etiquette

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Ok people, I think this needs to be explained. People on Xbox live are really getting on my nerves. There are a few unwritten rules about Halo that I believe need to be spelled out. Being online and not face to face already makes people say things that they wouldn’t if you invited them to your house to play the game. So I am making this Halo Etiquette Guide.

1)Calling people Noobs
A noob is short for “newbie”. Halo2 has rankings,therefore if a person is ranked 8 then it is most likeley he has played over a hundred games of Halo2 online. Not to mention offline play and previous Halo1 playing. So if you are going to talk trash then get the terms right. You may call players this until they have reached sufficient ranking, after that the appropriate term is “Asshat”.

2)The Banshee
Using the Banshee is strictly forbidden. Verboden. Not Cool. You may say “Well why did they put it in the game then?” The answer is I have no idea. The banshee makes the most worthless player seem like he is frickin Rambo. When you can nearly hover over someone with a plasma cannon blaring and the only chance your opponent has is to stick you with a plasma grenade or have two teamates shoot you in the ass, it’s jut not fair. The banshee is a low class move. And you are a idoit for using one.

3) Bragging about inappropriate things.
Don’t get me wrong if you walk into a base and slay the whole team then walk out with the flag and crush someone’s dome with the flagpole on the way to scoring, I WANT you to brag about it. On the other hand there are conditions to this. A. If you have the sword you cannot brag about killing less that 3 people. Come on people its a plasma sword, one hit kills B. The Rocket launcher, same rule applies to this one C. The shotgun, especially when everyone else has plasma weapons. minunum 2 kills for bragging rights. D.Sniper rifle, the only weapon that can compete with sniper is another sniper. The only defense your target has is to alk zig zag or hide behind something.Thus you may not brag about it unless you kill 3 people, or are fighing a close range battle and win. It’s already hard enough to get killed by someone you can’t even see most of the time. Besides Snipers are the lowest of the low.
4)Tea Bagging
The golden rule, only do it if you are willing to have it done to you. and not get bitter about it.
5.)I Need my GG
At the end of the game I need to hear “Good Game” or similar. If the top player on the other team has double the kills of anyone else on his team you should appoligize to him for the rest of his team being 10 year old girls. The only exception to this rule is if your team’s score is double the other team. Then you are allowed to insult them, they deserve it, they are asshats.
6.)Respect your elders
I realize that this is a video game. I know that I am playing with children. But this game is rated M for mature and after all “online play may change the expierence of the game”. But nothing makes me not want to play the game more than hearing a pre-pubecent boy say “what a noob, I totally owned you”. This usually comes close to when you can hear his mom in the background telling him to clean his room or take out the trash. If you don’t make fun of me for loosing to a middle schooler then I won’t make fun of you for being a kid. deal.

Crushing on Xbox Live

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I was totally crushing on Halo2 last night. I was playing rumble pit by myself while charlie2 was studying and Boner was taking an exam. I started ranked a 4 but I was totally owning these guys and by the end I was ranked 6. I swear I had a game where I had 25 kills and 2 deaths… but then… Boner got home and we had to play Team Slayer, or as I like to call it. “Boner yells too much and makes me want to punch him in the crotch” we usually don’t do terribly bad at these games but it’s just so close all the time. plus there are only 3 of us and there are 4 people on a team. So half the time we get matched up with a total loser, and that just sucks. I don’t really get the total importance of the ranking system like Boner does. If i’m having fun at the particular time then I’m ok, the ranking is just a bonus. Having said that I don’t want to loose my ranking. Tonight I hope that I will be able to get in some good gaming, I’ve made a playlist that should help me mop the floor with the competition.