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So I finally finished this! Well finished in the way that I ever really finish anything. I submitted it to the event poster design contest, so I shouldn’t make any more changes on it.  I’m pretty excited about finishing it, I’ve learned a lot as I went along. I could have avoided a lot of the mistakes that I made in the begining. It may not be the perfect poster for the event… it might not win, but I’m not going to be that disappointed if it doesn’t. I am the guy that made my own hooded sweatshirt in my spare time.

Now on to the next poster… I’m thinking Airborne.

Project Progress : Rad Poster, Will I ever finish this thing?

Art, Projects

I’m trying really hard to stay motivated on this project. I love the movie, but I’m running low on free time and all the new house stuff is taking up a lot of my time. I’ve pretty much got all the major moments of the film in some degree of completion in the poster. I’m struggling with a few layout issues, it’s harder than I thought to include all the major and some of the minor characters in a poster and still make the image flow and look coherent. I have a lot of respect for all poster artists now. It’s been about 2 months since the last update, so I have a couple more characters than usual, as always these aren’t the final versions. I’m still getting all the skintones and color palate correct. This is clearly going to be the biggest Illustrator project that I’ve ever attempted.

Like always it’s a challenge for me to keep scale in mind when it comes to detail for the project. Example, even if I print this out at 44×61 those two girls are probably going to be about 3 inches tall… they have way too much detail, but I got carried away.

Please forgive the crudity of this model, I didn’t have time to build it to scale.

Project Progress : Rad Poster yet again

Art, Projects

This has been an unprecidented level of motivation for this project. It probably comes from knowing that other people are working on a goal of having the 25th aniversary screening of Rad in Cochrane, Canada and that would be the deadline for this project.  Check that out at

As this project goes along I’m somehow getting better and worse at illustrator at the same time.  When the source image is of low resolution its really important to know where to make the lines in order to convey the shape or shading that you want. But it’s also a lot more work and this is clearly the biggest project in terms of illustrated faces that I’ve taken on.  So I get a little fatigued in certain ones and I think it’s starting to show in the details. After putting a few of them together I realized that it’s really going to be important to stay consistent in style, level of detail, and skin tones. But, really of these four, the only one that I’m not extremely excited about is the Luke and Becky one… mostly just Becky’s neck… she looks like she has some kind of giant worm neck…  So these previews are really going to change in the final, or at least some of them will.

But not Mr. Timmer… that one is awesome.

He may get his own print.

Bart Racing



Mr. Timmer

Luke and Becky