Dear Cable, I'm just not that into you.

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Laurel has been pushing the idea of getting rid of the cable for some time. All the time actually. She didn’t have much more than basic cable growing up and even later in her life. I on the other hand have never been deprived of the magic of cable channels and a big library of VHS tapes. It’s not like she’s one of those people who spent their nights reading Tolkien and playing Frisbee golf. But when she moved in with me I introduced her to the wonder that is DVR.

I sort of feel like a drug dealer… telling her, “you know you need it, look how cool this is”

Cable is one of those things (like purchasing an Ipod) where you can start out wanting to spend $40 and end up with a bill that’s over $100. If cable had “A La Carte” pricing for channels I don’t think I would be having this conversation, but the cable industry won’t listen to that until it starts shedding subscribers. Even then their first reaction will probably be to raise the prices on Internet service. My biggest sticking point for keeping cable will be how will I watch sports. There’s not really that many options for live sports online. But really I don’t watch them enough to justify $100 per month.

I could just cut down on the channels and cut out the DVR, but I would rather watch nothing than watch without the ability to rewind. I’m still making the preparations for this plan (along with the DVD selling) so I’ll be updating on my progress.