First Production Photo of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

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OMG Nerdgasm!

Every picture that I get from this series says “We’re taking this seriously”. AMC is going to make the Godfather of Zombie TV shows. Actually the bar isn’t set very high. The effects were pretty decent on [W:Dead Set] but the overall show didn’t really go anywhere. I can only hope that this show will go on for at least a few seasons so that we can get a good long look at the world that Kirkman created.

First Production Photo of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead – AMC.

You should be excited about this… The Walking Dead

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Reasons you should be excited about The Walking Dead on AMC this fall

  1. The Comic is amazing. It’s pretty hard to have jump out and scare you moments in a comic book so this book  is filled with ‘I cant believe that just happened’ or ‘I didn’t think that guy was going to die’ moments. The story is so dense I’m glad it’s going to be a series and not just a movie, pace is going to be very important.
  2. Written, Directed, Produced by [W:Frank Darabont]. Have you heard of a little movie called the [W:Shawshank Redemption]? or perhaps [W:The Green Mile]? or to a lesser extent, [W:The Mist]?  He directed all of them and also adapted screenplays for the movies based on short stories by Stephen King. This guy knows two things Characters and Scares. He’s going to be the prefect director for this project.
  3. It’s on AMC. A few years ago this wouldn’t have meant much, but then a couple of shows came out called Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Now this network is know first for producing great drama and second for showing . If there’s any network that can elevate the Zombie genre it’s going to be this one.
  4. No Stunt Casting. So far there hasn’t been a known star cast in any of the roles. Which is a really good sign. Could you have imagined the Dad from Malcom in the middle doing dead serious drama? Or who knew who John Hamm even was 5 years ago? I think the characters in The Walking Dead are going to be like that.

I’m very excited about this show. I think they have the right team in place to make a great drama that just happens to have zombies in it. It’s a show about the end of the world and how people deal with it. I just hope that people will tune in to a show with so much potential and so little name recognition.

But two words AMC… SLOW ZOMBIES!

AMC Zombie Photo Gallery

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Hey it’s that guy from… (The boy who could fly)

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He could!

This is one of those movies that I watched all the time but I didn’t really like that much. I think it was recorded on a tape that also had a movie that I really wanted to watch. At my house movies were recorded off of HBO onto VHS tapes, so you could get 3 whole movies on a tape. So you’d finish watching Ghostbusters and then the tape would keep going and the next movie would come on. I think this was on the same tape as ‘Flight of the Navigator‘ which would make since their both that warm and fuzzy ABC ‘movie of the week’ kind of thing.

Where else do I know him from? Well for me his #2 role would be as ‘Bug’ the skeezy boyfriend in ‘Uncle Buck‘, but you may know him from the Public Library rental, Not Quite Human. What commercial may you have seen him in? Find out after the break.

Hey it’s that guy from… (The Mighty Ducks)

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Goldberg, THE GOALIE!

It’s seems like it’s the fate of child actors to be instantly recognizable but totally unemployable at the same time. This is [W:Shaun Weiss], while he’s done a fair amount of things since 1992 I’ll always recognize him as “Goldberg the Goalie” from The Mighty Ducks.  I’m sure that I’ve seen him in a commercial for Fridays or Applebees or some kind of chain restaurant. He was at a table with some other smiling idiots, pretending to enjoy their zesty nachos or something.  I couldn’t find a video of his more famous performance in the Castrol GTX sludge commercial, everyone seems to be fixated on Danger E Sullivan’s madcap antics. I did find a picture of him ordering at the drive thru in that one, just imagine him getting slimed with black grease. Unless we get D4: the new batch anytime soon. Then this might be the only way we’re going to see him on TV. So be on the lookout for Goldberg hocking fast food or motor oil on a set near you.

Castrol GTX - Sludge

Verizon Wireless - Big Moment

Hey it’s that guy from… (Beerfest)

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There are a ton of times that I’m watching a commercial and I say “Hey it’s that guy from that movie!” and then everybody responds.

What? From where? What are you talking about? Why are you so excited?

I know actors have to work to make money, so I’m not looking down on them. It’s just that I identify them with one role in my head and then they come out selling car wax and I think it’s funny. Most of the time the role I know them from isn’t even their biggest role, some times the commercial becomes more famous than the movie role.

That is the case here. I know this guy as Mr. Schniedelwichsen, the German guy who leads the two brothers to Beerfest… and then subsequently gets killed. So then last year he showed up in a commercial that is probably more widely seen than Beerfest, as the “Think with your dipstick” Guy for Castrol Motor oil. But I first spotted him in a IBM ad for their medical imaging tech. I remember seeing him in that white lab coat and thinking… “Are they trying to pass off the guy from Beerfest as an actual doctor?”

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