I am become death of tv shows.

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I always thought that people who whined about their shows being canceled were annoying. My feeling was that if the show was really that good then it would still be on the air. But now it seems like a lot of the shows that I think are really good are getting canceled in the first season or soon after. It seems like if a show has any kind of style or a unique voice then the networks can’t get an audience to turn in.

It could be because the audience for those kind of shows have so many other things to do. I would guess that they’re more literate and active than the audiece of say “Dancing with the Stars” or “NCIS” or god forbid “JAG”. Also I’m going to bet that they know how to work a Tivo so they don’t have to stay glued to the TV every night. Yes that’s right, I’m saying it, we’re too smart for the good of our favorite TV shows.

But I think you have to look at it in a positive light. As long as the producers and writers know that the end is coming and have a chance to give the characters a proper send off then I think it’s alright. You can think of these shows as really long movies or a tv miniseries. Just don’t get too into them… I’m looking at you “[W:Browncoats]”

My Favorite Canceled Shows.

  • [W:Arrested Development] – the show did survive 3 years, but it was too funny. (movie version coming soon!)
  • [W:The Loop] – only the first season, when they got rid of the roomates the show suffered.
  • [W:Freaks and Geeks] – Now that Judd Apatow is famous I’ll bet that they would love to have this show back.
  • [W:Undeclared] – see above.
  • [W:Invader Zim] – I have no idea who green lighted this show for a Nickelodeon Audience, but it is a great show for college kids.
  • [W:Pushing Daisies] – Style to spare in this show and funny writing (but i’m almost glad it’s going to wrap up soon, it needs an ending)
  • [W:Eli Stone] – I’m putting this on here, but I really think it will work better for them if they have an ending in sight.
  • [W:Amazing Screw-On Head] – It never even had a chance!
  • [W:Firefly]- The best combination of sci-fi, comedy, and characters ever. At least we got a movie out of it.

honorable mention (probably canceled soon or on Hiatus)

Chappelle’s Show, Flight of the Conchords, Californication, Gary Unmarried