RAD poster on display in Calgary

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Marc Dewey of A Rad Documentary was in Calgary this weekend for the 25th anniversary and was able to get me a picture of the poster at the gallery. People were gathered around it looking at all the detail and even placing some bids on it, this thing might get sold after all. I am looking into having prints of it for sale on Cafepress or Zazzle, I’ll keep you updated.

One thing that irks me about the print though is that “Bob not blob” appears twice in the bottom right corner, I had redrawn him smaller and forgot to delete the layer. When they got the .eps file it must have been checked to visible. Which is a little annoying since it covers up the “he’s such a nice boy” lady and the Canadian flag that I hid down there. Which is sad, because THAT LADY WAS THERE!

RAD 25